Symbionts & Slavery: The Secret Truth of what is holding you back, right now

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people rocket to the top of their fields while others seem to get stuck in the trenches for life?

I know that sounds like a blurb for one of those “How To” books that give you a series of steps to take so the author can get rich when you buy their books, but that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish here. What I want to do is give you, in this short post, a situational awareness that will change the way you look at the world. Yes, even if you never buy one of my books. For all I know, you don’t even like Dystopian Science Fiction.

I’m going to take that question a step further…

Have you ever wondered why it is that our society rarely changes for the better and pollution, poverty, crime and strife overwhelms our environment? I mean, none of us wants those things, right? Why aren’t we improving in those areas?

Here is the short answer:

Most of the problems I’ve mentioned above—even the personal one I asked up front—are because parasitic symbionts enslave us.

Whoa, Chogan! I’m hitting the back button on my browser right now. I thought you were a little kooky, but WHAT?

Hang on, just give me a chance.

To answer the longer questions I’ve just raised with my short answer, I’ll have to draw on my training as an engineer in an almost unknown discipline called Systems Theory. I’ve talked about Systems Theory in other places on my blogs, so I’m not going there now. (It’s not about computer systems though.)

Feel free to read some of my other posts.

Symbiont, eh?

Let’s see how Google defines this peculiar word in my ‘parasitic symbionts’ statement…


/simbīänt/: A symbiont is one of two connected entities that exist in symbiosis with one another.

(Don’t you hate definitions that use the root word to define?)


/simbīˈōsəs,ˌsimbēˈōsəs/: interaction between two different organisms living in close … association, typically to the advantage of both. A mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. Plural noun: symbioses

Wait, that sounds like a good thing.

Well, it could be, but some symbionts don’t give as much as they get. Some don’t give anything at all, and others even take until they destroy the other organism. These last symbionts are called parasites.

In the same way that physical symbionts interact with each other, relationships and other non-physical connections can be symbiotic.

Remember those people I mentioned who rocket to the top? Chances are they are parasites. Have you checked the balance of wealth lately? (Look up Requiem for the American Dream on YouTube)

Have you ever had a boss that took credit for an idea you had or something you did and they received a promotion for it, but they never gave you any credit?

Do you work for a company that demands 60 hours a week for 30-hour-a-week pay?

Have you ever voted for a politician who promised change and reform only to disappoint… again?

(Who hasn’t?)

Have you ever been in a relationship that…. (Never mind, you get the idea, don’t you?)

All of these kinds of interactions in the world do more than add up, they multiply like bacteria in a petri dish.

Furthermore, when you take the source of all these parasitic interactions and stir it into society, something horrible happens. It sets up parasitic SYSTEMS. Groups of parasitic entities (corporations, companies, people, associations, clubs, political parties, lobbies AKA Political Action Groups, even charities) start to siphon off value and give back less or nothing. Though there may be no collusion, all of these can react as though they work in concert to keep the systems in place in order to preserve the parasitic relationships to those they siphon from… us.

Great, Chogan. So we are doomed. Besides, I think I already knew this. I just didn’t see what anyone could do about it.

Well, we have a choice. We can do nothing, or we can become part of the solution. Because, right now, we are part of the problem.

Wait! What? I don’t do any of that sh*t!

Sorry, we are all culpable through things we do and don’t do.

Speaking of sh*t… Take me for example. Every time I use a flush toilet, I contribute to a system that costs billions of dollars more to operate than the best alternative (composting) a system that pollutes the environment and wastes precious drinkable water… just because of inertia. (See source below)

Do you work for a Fortune 500 company that exploits employees and customers alike? I did. My efforts put millions of dollars into the pockets of wealthy parasites and helped them cheat their customers.

Many of the investments in my retirement portfolio (from when I worked for that soulless corporation) support parasitic companies and corporations instead of beneficial business models.

I’ve donated to charities I thought were a good thing only to find out that most of that money went to a wealthy CEO who lets very little trickle down to the people who work in the charity or the people it supposedly benefits.

Don’t even get me started on the politicians I’ve voted for in the past.

The point is this, people. There are alternatives if we work for them, but we have to work together. We also have to realize the parasites are constantly trying to push us apart so we don’t mess up their racket. They will try to drive wedges between us like: race, political party, nationality, religion…. the list is growing.

I am trying to change my choices and learn about alternatives. It’s what I talk about (between the lines) in my stories.

I invite you to join me. Now that you realize how we are all enslaved, take some steps to start to shake off your chains.

What can we do?

Everyone has to figure some things out for themselves. Take the steps you can.

Here are a few things I’m doing:

  • Refusing to work for a parasitic corporation again
  • Protest voting
  • Working for cross-political-party cooperation
  • Downsizing my life and carbon footprint
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Using Gray Water for gardening
  • Looking for better ways to change how I invest retirement money
  • Looking for opportunities to build alliances with others who are trying to lose their chains too
  • Investing my time and talents to change the world
  • Standing up to defend oppressed minorities and people groups

Welcome to the new situational awareness I promised you.

We can start with baby steps!

Chogan Swan


Source about sh*t here:


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