Radio Free Albemuth – Highly Recommended

My friends at Science Fiction World Changers (Facebook Page) asked me to do a blog post highlighting some great Dystopian fiction for their readers. And I said, “Yeah! I’d love to.”

So here it is:

Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth (RFA).  Some good news on how to go about getting in on an easily digestible movie version of this one—filmed in 2007…. Amazon’s Prime video includes it free/included with a Membership to Prime.

RFA is one of Phillip K. Dick’s more philosophical and trippier novels. The movie hasn’t won the acclaim that Blade Runner or Man in the High Castle did—it didn’t even get a theater release until 2013—but what it DOES have that makes it uniquely compelling is the exploration of what the author believed mattered when resisting injustice and tyranny.

To paraphrase: It doesn’t matter so much if we are successful (in resisting tyranny or fighting injustice) as it does that we tried.

What I like about that view is it allows us to understand that we’ve succeeded by trying and that makes us more willing to keep on trying. The mindset nurtures the everyday heroes inside us. The way I see it, if more of us will shake off our hopelessness and try to make changes, it can’t help but cause tyrants more trouble. (You Go! Occupy Wallstreet. We are going to call you a win!)

Though—when written—the author no doubt had (then) current politicians in mind as those personifying the tendency to villainy of those who seek power. It is still as timeless as any work in the genre could be.

If you check out the film version, don’t miss Alanis Morrisette performing her song Professional Torturer a little after 31 minutes into the film.

The RFA story in novel format was also re-written as a 3-part series called VALIS, so you can also choose to explore it in that format. (The first in that series is Free with a Kindle Unlimited membership) You can find it here:

Keep on reading, it helps ideas grow.

Chogan Swan.



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