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After surviving for three years as a runaway, sixteen-year-old Kaitlin Sannhetsdottir decides to return to Dallas to petition for status as an emancipated minor—she wasn’t expecting the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it to happen before she got there.

Now, with society falling apart and outlaws controlling the roads, Kaitlin’s finely honed survival instincts tell her to hunker down. But, the older couple taking her to Dallas is worried for their family, and Kaitlin can’t abandon them without betraying the code by which she has sworn to live.

Little did she know, taking on the challenge of getting her friends back home would put her on a longer road—partnering with aliens who are trying to stop humanity’s slide into self-immolation…


Thick Black Theory is a Dystopian, Near Future/Alternate Present Science Fiction story for mature young adults—an edgy YA Novel in the Symbiont Wars Universe

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