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1799 Planetfall: Book 1 of the Symbiont Wars Universe.
The year is 1799 (Gregorian calendar) and no one on Earth knows the seeds of the world’s destruction have just fallen from space in this story of an alternate history alien war.

When Tiana, captain of the Freedom Confederacy’s Corvette Valishnu, pursues the enemy’s ship into tunnel space, both ships crash on an uncharted planet.. Now, with the vampiric niiaH loose in a new ecosystem, she must find them and wipe them out before they reproduce or a primitive sentient species will be enslaved and the Tyrant Empire will rise again, this time starting on a planet called Earth.

But, Tiana’s ship and all its technology are at the bottom of the ocean; all her symbiont partners are dead, and she is the Valishnu’s only survivor.


A Force for Change / Under Construction