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Against That Shining Darkness Book 1:
Caves of Ice—Caverns of Fire
In every age… on every world, endures a shining darkness— a trap for your way, a snare for your soul.

Against That Shining Darkness is a YA Epic Fantasy novel swords and sorcery adventure series in the Pre-Camelot Arthurian world of Evelon.

Even before he was born, Seth Arodan, Prince of Gynt attracted the worst enemies possible—like demonic powers with human pawns throughout the known world. His brother Wyatt is in the same predicament, but he had a head start on hiding years ago.
You’d think a holy prophet would be a bit more considerate than to tell your enemies where you could be found. Seth has no choice but to leave his home and old friends behind before he brings catastrophe down on all of them. After a demon hunter baal attacks him in the kingdom’s strongest keep, he knows he most flee and embarks on a desperate journey, attracting allies and enemies from men, women, wizards, ravens, dragons and shadowmen, and all of them seem to want something from him. Join Seth and those who surround him in this young adult epic fantasy quest to save the world from the followers of the Dark Hand.

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